Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Let me be free
In my road ahead
Believe me, its
End of my day
Release and let go
And bind me not
Till I run free
I want to be
On my own way
Not to be caged again

Written for Acrostic Only : Liberation


  1. A great feeling you conjur up here.

  2. This is what happen when one has been too confined. I enjoyed burst of freedom Tan.

  3. Thanks Anthony and Amias... Confinement was tough - Liberation is happening!!!

    Thanks for the two prompts, Amias :)

  4. Phew, wise words, we all want to be free, but tell me, how do I get out of this cage of my own making?

  5. Cage of your own making, Andy? Get a hammar (You know what the hammar is, since you made the cage yourself)... strike it hard...

    Best of Luck...

  6. i suppose this is what we would all hope for..

  7. Once again your way with words is stunning. :)

  8. A very appropriate poem, for we celebrated our day of liberation yesterday! Thanks.

  9. very liberating write... well penned :)

  10. It's interesting that you write a poem about being free using an acrostic which is a very confining form I would think. Makes for an interesting contrast :)

  11. Like i always say....don't cage me a free bird. hehehe!!!!

  12. Floreta

    Welcome to my blog. Yes, some time or the other, we all would want to be liberated!


    You could feel what I wrote? Ah! This is what I write for. Thank you so much for visiting again.


    Welcome back to my blog. Your visits are scanty these days. Thanks for the comment.

    Reader Wil

    Welcome to my blog. Where are you from? Which country celebrated freedom? Please enlighten me...


    Thanks a lot! Welcome to Thus Wrote Tan!

    Dee Martin

    You know what? Amias will be very happy reading this comment. She is the one who made it possible - to ignite me!! Writing a confined format of poem on Liberation. I never thought it so, before I read your comment. You told it all - the very basic of the poem. Thanks for the insight. Keep reading me and keep visiting :)


    Yes! Its all we feel - you, me and everyone else... not to be caged anyways!! Be liberated - always :)


  13. Liberation is something you have got to grab for yourself. But be careful what you wish for, if you get it, it might not be what you wanted in the first place.Point in case women's liberation.

  14. nice one man..
    For the acrostic contest...?? wud be a good entry...


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