Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wild Is The Wind

Whistling across
Illuminating ruffle
Lightening fast
Devastating at times

Influential flurry
Storms away

Tearing silence
Hollow gust
Ever blowing

When it’s mad
It stops for none
Nor you, nor me
Divulges reality

Written for: Acrostic Only


  1. Oh my, Tan .. this is good! The last line -- well I can see the wind whipping away at our illusions, revealing our realities, but it seems not to fit in --- so enlighten me.

    My friend, how could you disappoint me, it's not possible.

  2. Amias, happy that you asked.
    There is a story behind the last line. I would write sometime, and relate to this Acrostic. I have it here, right in my mind.
    Anyways, will tell you...

    Here, the poet is afraid of the Wind! S/he is afraid that the wind might now care to stop - neither for YOU, nor for ME and blow away our emotions, our secrets, our thoughts, revealing all at once!!

    Hope this explains. Please let me know, otherwise :)

  3. Hi Tan,
    Congratulation! I am happy to announce that you are the winner in our "Best Weekly Acrostic" contest. I certainly appreciate your participation.

    Your acrostic is amazing --- please go HERE to see how your poem is presented.

    If you like you can put the badge on your blog side bar, or leave it here; your choice. But if you put it on your side bar, make sure to check the "shrink to fit" box. Otherwise it will be too big.

    Thanks again for participating, and do join us again!

  4. Wonderful poem and I love the third stanza. Congratulations on your win.

  5. Congratulations. Wonderful acrostic.

  6. Thank you Amias. Thanks a lot for the Award.

    Thanks Ofira and TWG for the wishes. Your encouragement will surely help me write better and write more!

  7. I see the Wild Wind as really being TRUTH.
    This is an excellent acrostic.


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