Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Meeting in Future

In a chilling evening of Jan
Somewhere in Japan
The sky was red with a hint of cyan
She called out to the blind man
She offered him her flan
She said, “I’m your fan.”

He turned to her span
And stretched his hand.

Tears in her eyes – out they ran
As she looked at the man -
One of her own clan
She could very well scan.

Zoom passed a yellow van
It ruffled the old man.
He fell down and screamed again
As the time when he ran
Away from her, as far as he can.

Her hands trickled the bran
As he fell on the lawn
She whispered aloud, “Tan!”

... thinking of a meeting, sometime, somewhere in the future ... would love to do that, but then, if I can't even see you??

Crossposted at: The Writers Lounge on March 17, 2009


  1. i really liked this one.. i can actually imagine the scene..when someday I will see my love.. T.. or he will see me.. as a an oldie..

  2. Hey... 'T' ???? Who's that now??


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