Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Nothing can make me forget
Of that time, when we met
Sitting as one, with oceans apart
Talking straight to each other’s heart
Anticipating the looks of this new friend
Longing for her over the weekend
Grudgingly so, I remember again
I gave her so much of bliss and pain
As she returns, more I feign!


  1. BEAUTIFUL !!!

    Its wonderful to see how almost all your acrostics rhyme :)

  2. Thanks Navin ...
    ... I have grown up reading Old English and Bengali poems and listening to Hindi songs, that does not matter how turbulent the sea is, somehow manage to rhyme. So do I. I just try to keep it going - try to be meaningful. And when I cannot, you can see, not all my poems rhyme!!

    Thanks for the fast read and comment too ... please read my older posts when you find time :)

  3. I must confess, I didn't know what an acrostic poem was until AFTER I read your poem and clicked on your link. I'm blown away that you wrote such a flowing and seamless poem under the constraints of having to make each line start with a certain letter. Very impressive! And beautifully written.

  4. Nice work, for sure - it flows so well...

  5. Tan those last three lines were a kicker, and I had to laugh as the image took over in my mind ... turn around is fair play. Good work here.

  6. Deep - and it flows beautifully.

  7. Lovely!, The words are effortlessly put across..:)
    Very well knitted piece!

  8. Flows very well. One thing I love about your poems is the emotion that's behind each and every line.

  9. Sigh! I dont want to say for this.. It was special thats it!

  10. wow!

    amazingly put man .. I ust say u ve magic

  11. it flows like a stream

    easily and effortlessly into the mind!

  12. Nice one....over flows with feelings.

  13. As always, the emotions behind the lines..trully beautiful tan.. special as RV said.

  14. @ Fledging Poet

    I will tell you one thing here, mate. Its not a constraint to write with the letters of the word in acrostics. hehehe ... it is rather fun and happiness ... just try to write your own Acrostics. I'm sure you will feel the fine too ... And when you do so, please please let me read those too ... :)

    @ Tumblewords

    Thanks for the read. Keep visiting me more often :)

    @ Amias

    You could see what I wrote? W O W!~
    I have less words to thank you. You have been reading me religiously now. I'm grateful to you. My writes find ears here and that’s why, I write more!!!!

    Thanks a lot ...

    @ Anthonynorth

    Welcome to my blog. Thanks for appreciating.

    @ Bharat (IP)

    Thanks for liking it mate ... words are best when they come out effortlessly and when you need to break head on knitting sentences, you should take a break!! hehehe .... thanks for the read :)

    @ Ofira

    Thanks for coming and reading and appreciating my write ... Keep visiting ...

    @ Rashi

    I'm happy that you found it special. Thanks a lot... You said it without saying anything ...

    @ Illusion/Insiya

    Wonderful words - thanks again :)

    @ Nitu

    Thanks for reading and liking it.

    @ Anonymous

    Thanks a lot for reading and liking this ...



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