Saturday, March 21, 2009

Kissed and Left

The door was left open, as she rushed in and hugged him. Nobody cared about the door. There was no time, you see. She threw her belongings on the ground near the door and ran and jumped on him and they hugged. They separated to have a look at each other. He still had the paint brush in his hand and the apron was dyed in all colors. He kept the brush and the tray on the stool and looked back at her. She was quivering in anticipation. He took her by her fingers as she closed in. Their eyes met; the palms held each other as he pulled her towards him. Moments later, their lips locked and they were immersed in to the ecstasy. Their saliva mixed as the lips rested on each other, sucking harder and deeper. She stood tall on her pencil heels to get closer. She took his head in her palms and pulled him towards her. He bent to give her the reach. Eyes closed. He held her by her waist and the palms started to move up her backless top feeling her skin to her hair. His fingers went into her short hair and touched the skull. The hair came out of the fingers like waterfalls. A few drops of paint from his fingers tinted a few strands. He moved a bit further and felt her ears and neck. His fingers stopped by the touch of the wrinkled skin. Suddenly he could feel that she was old. He never felt this all these years – not even for once. Her breasts were pressed against his masculine, young and strong stomach. Her stomach was stuck to him too. He could smell her sweat, the pungent smell of her hair and even her bathing cologne. He pulled her even closer. Soon, they were gasping for air, but they did not leave each other.

The environment was so. The mood was so. The ambiguity was so. So much so, that they felt absolutely nothing while being in each other. Only God knows how long they were in that position. Her hands were searching all over his body, for something lost ages ago. He was searching for the same in her mouth; but neither of them could give results to their hunt. They were going crazier with each passing moment. They were getting more candid with each fleeting second. They separated momentarily and they pulled each other to the closest possible extent once more. He entered her hair with his nose – trying to smell her for as long as possible – trying to retain the smell for as long as possible. He has always loved her hair; more when they were long, touching her waist. He kept on snuffling her as he came down to her neck on to her cleavage to her stomach and still father down. She stopped him by his hair and pulled him up. They kissed again. They hugged again. They got lost in the bliss – again!

Suddenly, the car waiting outside shouted – beep, beep! There was sudden break and they parted. They looked in each other’s eyes. The eyes were dripping in need and got wet as well. There was a sudden realization in both the pair of eyes, but they just did not want to let it go. He tried to push her away, but she was adamant. She just pressed unto him more. He held her by her arms and shook her. A few locks came upon her eyes, nose and lips. She looked at him from within those. He moved away the hair locks with his finger and looked away, still holding her with one hand. He could not look at her anymore. She looked up at him and burst into tears. She held them back for a long time – real long time. He left her. She came close and slapped him. He kept looking down; did not utter a single word. She turned and walked away. She picked her belongings as she approached the door and looked back at him. A flyer fell off. He looked at it. It was her passport. She quickly picked it up and ran outside.

It was almost evening and the dusky rays of the Sun outside filled the sky with the perfect shades of sorrow. He came reluctantly to the doorway as she approached the car. She neared it, as her daughter buzzed from the driver’s seat again. She hurried into the car. She looked at him one last time from within the dark window panes, but he could not see her. A few drops came out of her eyes. A few more came out of the driver’s eyes too. She looked at the man in the colorful apron, standing lifelessly leaning on the doorway. She waved at him; he did not feel like waving back – he did not. She grinned and wiped the tears in her eyes and pressed on the gas. The car zoomed away!


  1. Gosh !! This is so much of a passionate read. Damn! You write that sort too, and I thought it was just me who wouldn't putting mine anywhere.

    But you are way farther, its such a lovely-kissy-smoochie-smoothy read

    But duh! In the end, why there has to be sorrow only.

    I guess, sometime I would pick up your certain of sad stories and give them a happy ending.

    Anyways, its wonderful. very beautifully expressed the melting of two bodies to oe soul !!

    CHEERS !!

  2. Wow! I second Ilashree in asking you write this too?

    Im waiting for Ilashree's take on this one! Come on jaldi jaldi!

  3. whats got into you these days ?? you are churnign brilliant writes Tan !! tell the secret dude ... where was all this hidden till now ??

    muuaahs for this write ;)!!
    loved it!! it was totally engrossing !!
    TTYL on monday !! lots to talk to u ! :)

  4. ahaan..this was passionately engrossing...
    very interesting..but why a sad end.. Cud have been happy.. Nevertheless it was a very interesting read..

  5. Whew! I need to grab a shower after this one .... Tan must be in love ...! Love the picture.

  6. Tan I agree with all the above comments.. WOW, amazed.. our Tan is in love.. just too beautiful.. Tan, the inspiration has to come from somewhere.. so share it with us.. love u Tan for writing so beautifully and sharing with us..

  7. gosh this was literally passionately engrossing.....didn't know u can write such things so brilliantly....loved it to the core ....seriously totally engulfed me !

  8. wow! You certainly made my day… what a wonderful break from mundane office work…

    it was my first visit and I loved it completely… hope to keep coming back for more. You are a magical writer tan …

    do visit me sometimes :)

  9. Brilliant Imagery

    reminded me of "She will be loved" by Maroon 5

    Gr8 goin Pal!

    keep it rollin;)

  10. Wat a piece...... amazing... I can actually see the whole scene rite infront of me...... a cold feeling entered my spine while reading the story......... no words to express...truly amazing....!!!

  11. Amazing, so beautiful, touching, heartfeeling and sensously hot too..

  12. First of all mates, thanks to all for visiting, reading and appreciating my experiment here - If you have not read me earlier, it was kind of continuation or a result of what I wrote in my poem, "Kiss me and Leave!" a few days ago. Please check the poem once, you may be able to relate to this post!

    I am so happy to see so many comments on this!!

    @ Ilashree

    Yea, I write this sort too; but unfortunately, this is the first ever trial on 'this sort'. In the end, there is sorrow again. I feel, I can relate to this thing more than anything else - sorrow ... I don’t know!! Thanks a lot for reading this... you have so much left to read too ...

    I am waiting to see how you go on with this and give it a happy ending. I would love to make my protagonists feel happy at the end of it, but then, there is so less of happiness!!

    @ Rashi/RV

    I'm waiting too, for Ilashree to have a take on this ... BTW, how did you feel about this story? Any comment? :p

    @ Pratibha/Pretty Me!!

    Secret is so open that even the blind will see ... Didnt you? Probably because you are not blind!! :P

    Nothing special re ... as all the Lounge mates know me (the few that actually know me) I like to experiment. So, just experimenting. Happy that you liked it :)

    @ Nave

    Thanks mate... Keep reading...


    Welcome to my blog.

    I'm getting this in a regular basis now. I see you all want me to write happy endings. Well, will try to do that. But please bear with me for sometime, until I find my happy bones tickling!! Thanks for reading me ... keep visiting Charzz...

    @ Amias

    There you are Ma'am. Here again!!
    You had a shower after reading my post??? I don’t know how I should take this now ... hehehe ... truly, I don’t know!!

    I'm always in love - and I will be in love, for the rest of my life - for my love will always be with me, everywhere... Lucky me, isnt it?

    @ Anonymous

    Oh! I cant tell you that I have done something like this for inspiration. Also, I never saw anyone doing this, for inspiration. Trust me, this is something that came from my mind. I did not get inspired to write this. How would I? Maybe, I'm falling short of experiences.

    There is a theory Anonymous: Observation + Experience + Interest. Well, everything does not fall into this. There is one more part that people tend to forget and that’s the essence of a writer - that is Imagination, with which comes visibility and creativity. So, this is where it is coming from. Hope this answers your and Pratibha's query too...

    @ Mysterious Gal

    How long did you take to return to my blog???? Anyways, I'm happy to see you here.

    Passionately Engrossing!! Even you felt so? Great great!! I'm just trying to experiment and check what I can actually do. Happy to see you liked my trial ... Do come back soon and read me more ... will be waiting for you to read here...

    @ Little Girl Lost/Amritarupa

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for reading me and for commenting too... I'm happy that I could make you happy with my write here ... great feeling ...

    And I must say, tomar naamta khuuuuuuuuub shundar ;)

    @ Scribbler

    You got it right mate ... Imagery is the word. Well, brilliant or not, is upto you to decide - but this is a work of complete fiction!!

    I promise, I will keep it rolling, but promise me mate, you will keep visiting and reading me ... for a want of a reader, the write should not be lost ;) What say?

    @ Lisa

    Thanks for the comment ... The cold feeling was because of the AC in the office here, not my write ... lol!! Anyways, thanks for visiting and reading me regularly!!

    @ Roshni

    Thanks for the comment ... Sensuously Hot? hehehe ... well, it was meant to be so ... keep reading me ...

    Cheers mates!!! Your love and well wishes encourage me to write ... if it was not for you readers, there would not have been any writer Tan!! Mindddddddd itttttttt!!!


  13. *hats off* tan i didnt knew you write this too.. with same magic.. i am speechless i feel the story around me even after reading it twice..

  14. Beautiful story, I would love to see this as a full blown novel.

  15. ".....but then, there is so less of happiness!!"

    Shuuu!! There is OFCOURSE SO MUCH much of happiness everywhere Tanmoy.

    Okay, lets say, you just close your eyes, and float for a while in the land of your world. Whatever you see here, just pen that down :)

    And ooh ! If in that world too is the bang on teary ending, then just call me up, I'll enter your world, and make sure the endings are always happier , even happier that happiness itself.

    ~~ Muskurao to zindagi hai,
    Aasun to sirf tumhaari band palkon hain,
    Kholo unhe, zindagi to muskuraahaton mein hai ! ~~


    P.S : Buzz me when you update 'tanwrites' :)

  16. @ Insiya/iLLusion

    Thanks for reading it twice ... hope it was not tough to be understood .. hehehe ... thanks :)

    @ LadyHawThrone

    Welcome to my blog. I'm very happy that you said that. I would love to see a novel on that myself. But if you wanted me to write that, hmmm .... that would take some time ... I have no patience as yet to write a novel. But I would thank you for your words. That meant a lot. I will keep this in mind in future ... Will try to let you know, if it converges at some point... Keep reading me...

    @ Jannat

    Welcome to my blog. You have said a lot in your comment and you are true in all those. I am happy that you cared for my thoughts here and those lines at the last, were tremendous too!! *SMILES too*

    I will update the blog soon. Will try to buzz you. But then, if I forget, why don’t you start following my blog? That’s not too bad an idea...



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