Friday, March 20, 2009

Just Drive On

People have their own take
On things that they partake
I too have a point to make
Note, just for heaven’s sake
There is no time, so don’t press the brake

Pull up your socks and be awake
Our own world is now at stake
In whatever we do or fake
No time to cover any more mistake’
Time to carry on, so don’t press the brake!

Written as prompted in: Heads Or Tails! Week # 82


  1. I hate it when I am on the freeway, trying to get home, and if there is an accident folks slow down to be nosy. We call that "rubber necking" ...

    I enjoyed this little jewel, Tan!

  2. Wow. "Thus Wrote Tan!" your blog name only got me here. But i see, your blog's really cool ! Lovely picture. Makes me feel like just you know running away from my house and going for a long drive :) hehe!!
    You Rock!

  3. And ya, as per the poem! It's nice :) You write well ! :D

  4. Tan a lovely is thus too hain na.. keep driving nah. and what a drive if u are with love... beautifully written and the rhyming words.. good.. enough praise...well done Tan..

  5. this piece of writing is better. in the sense that it evokes this strange feeling or rather a realization of some sort which i am yet to figure out to full define in the limited number of words we have in our dictionary. nonetheless, a good piece of writing. makes you think differently.

    also, your blog name 'thus wrote tan!' brought me to your blog. it's unusual/different/catchy. i should say, you have pinned it down!

    :D keep writing. and we will read. and share more thoughts.

  6. oops. there was a typographical error in my last comment -

    fully* instead of 'full'.

  7. @ Amias

    Rubber necking?? Hmmm swinging out your neck and poke into other's business, is it? Anyways, thanks for these new words ... English is widening by each day!!

    Thanks for reading this ...

    @ Cursed/Juhi

    Welcome to my blog. I am happy to see you here. I am more happy that you read and liked this poem ... please keep visiting more often and I promise to do best to entertain you!!!

    @ Anonymous

    Thanks again ...

    @ ~

    Welcome to my blog. The English dictionary does have limited number of words. Thats something you should be proud of, being able to mere say it... hehehe ... I saw your 'MESS' and want to visit more ... will do it in some time ... Tilll then, keep writing and keep reading ...

    I liked your comment 'fully' ;)

    Cheers mates ...


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