Thursday, March 19, 2009

I’m sitting alone

Middle of night, when all are gone
I’m here sitting all alone
Near the bay on this ice cold stone
I sit here on my own throne.

Sudden enough! A ring of the phone
Felt like a piercing shrill moan
Picked it up, but the ring was gone
Somebody else far apart was alone.

I saw the name, caller well known
Even in dark, her name shone
Someone old, whom I disown,
An old song was recalled intone.

Sitting here, I could hear her tone
I could even smell her cologne
I felt so sad, as the wind blown
Away my thoughts to the unknown.

Wonder I, would she have known?
I was tangled in this life of my own
And that’s why in this freezing zone
I’m sitting here, all alone!

Learnt about Monorhyme at The Writers Lounge.


  1. Tan, feelings portrayed in this poem, I can relate to as I feel myself in a similar situation. Far away from the love of my life, waiting... alone.. thanks again for a beautiful poem.

  2. A Nice poem. Somewhere touching. I see you write stories too. Who not try Tell a Tale then?

  3. Thanks Roshni and Anonymous

    We all remain in some situation at all times. This is just one of them!

    Story Teller

    I have visited the blog and have posted the latest story I wrote. Hope you will consider that :)

  4. Where do u get ur inspiration from?

  5. well lonliness is a terrible disease....hope we never get trapped in it...

  6. @ Anonymous

    I felt your absence here ... is it the same you? I dont know ... Thanks for the comment ... and Inspiration? Oh! I get it from what I see around me ... and MOST OF THE TIMES, I just imagine things!!!

    @ Nitu

    Lonliness is a disease? Well Doc, you might know best. Thanks for the comment ... BTW, did you like it?? hehehe ...


  7. this is truly beautiful....i know i took a break from blogging for some time....but trust me with such stuffs...u gonna find me quite regular here......add a die hard fan here :-)

  8. Thanks for being my fan, Mysterious Gal (at least for saying so...) hehehe. .. that itself is a wonderful feeling ... I cherish that ... keep visiting and reading me more :)


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