Friday, March 6, 2009

Haiku: Dark Night

Dark night yet again
The stars twinkling, yet again
Lone Tan, yet again!

I learnt about Haiku here, in The Writers Lounge. A new facet of poetry writing. Loved it too much. I will invite you all to try it. Its nice. Looks simple, but it is not. The above is not my first Haiku. You can find the First set of Haiku I wrote here, posted in the Lounge. I know that Haikus do not rhyme, but the one I posted above did – somehow. Adjust!


  1. A poet's life is so full, it make one lonely .. until you spill out over the paper, thus venturing out to enjoy your own company.

  2. Awww... Are you lonesome tonight?


    Dont you worry, Main hoon naa? :P

    I have always loved yr haikus and admired your writing..Keep them coming!

  3. Oh Amias... that was so true ... Thanks for the fast comment ... I like your company here :)

  4. Rashi,

    A thought that comes in ... an environment it creates ... is what I write :)

    Thanks for the comment ...


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