Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Common (Let the storm Pass)

Chill and let the storm pass
Or shed tears as it pierces your heart,
Move beyond the common acuity
Move on with your life, o deprived
Or cry and equal the common man.

Now chill, and let the storm pass!
Written on Prompts at:
1. Heads Or Tails! :
Week #83 : Common
2. One Single Impression : Prompt 56 : Equals


  1. Ahhh.. I wish I could let most of my storms pass.

    Great writing. Thanks for playing again.

  2. Nicely done! I like the imagery and the wisdom in this short piece...

  3. It seems some storms never pass, but there are times when I can chill ... and watch it kick my ass!

    Tan you are really using your gift of creative expression, and it shows in this piece.

  4. No, there's no sense in lingering in pain. Chill! I agree.

  5. ok, well, thanks! all we can do here is to encourage others and read their work. indirectly, we are all working on a collaborative sort of giant project, don't you think so?
    and well, i am laughing now, coz this time i clicked on continue reading tab. and behold, it was still a 5 line poem!!!
    anywa, back to the point, this poem blows you off, in a way. as in, you have a choice to remain positive n hopeful or give into sadness and our lives get shaped up by this prime choice we make.

    ya, i will just leave all the comments i make even the repetitive ones. :)

    one Q- what inspires or moves you before you contruct such poems?

  6. Awesome !! i really needed this today .. thanks Tan ...

  7. Some storms are to be fought, some
    Tear us apart. Others, we let pass.
    Of the ones that we fight
    Reminds us of our strength.
    Many other remind us of ourselves.
    Such they are "storms of life"

    Everything teaches us something. It is upto us if we learn. Hope you are having a great vacation.

  8. It would be gr8 if storms cud pass easily but then..this is how life is.. we learn frm everythng..
    Nice job done here..

  9. "Jhor ke aami korbo meete
    dorbo na taar bhrukuti-te
    rekho naay ar
    bedho naay ar
    kuul-er kacha kachi, ami duub te raji achi"

    (i plan to make friends with the storm,
    i don't fear its ugly frown,
    only, don't keep me tied near the shore anymore,
    i am prepared to drown)

    thank you for visiting, tan... if you liked my blog please do become a follower so that we can stay in touch and keep reading each others work :)

    by the way, its Amritorupa, not amritarupa.
    what does tan stand for,then? who is the person behind the trigonometry?

  10. Nice..
    the best to fight some solutions is to just smile and let it pass :)

  11. chill and let the storm pass..well said friend..congrats on yr good blog..wishes..

  12. Tan, id love to dedicate this to my dearest friend, T, who is always by my side when the storm comes in, and helps me thru it.. such a beautiful and powerful thought.. thank u.

  13. @ Skittles

    Storms will pass - do not worry at all!!

    @ Tumblewords

    Wisdom? Hehehehe... I never had any myself ... hehe! Jokes apart, thanks for the read. I'm happy that you liked it.

    @ Karen

    Thanks for the visit

    @ Amias

    Thanks again for the visit and appreciating my work. I try to take out the thoughts from myself ... hehehe ... you see, I think varied things at times.

    @ Sandy

    Chill! Thanks for the visit ... keep visiting...

    @ ~

    You said it! We need to read each other. And that Giant Project? Yea... we are really adding to it. I wish to leave so much around here, that our next generations can just read read and read more and do not get bored!! hehehe ....

    Stay chilled and remain positive!

    Ans to your Q: Inspiration is a continuous process. My wife inspires me whenever I write love poems and stories - thinking about her. And for the rest of the lot, the things happening around me does the inspiration. I cannot tell you a particular thing or incident. I try to put a backdrop, but often, it is a group of incidents that inspires me.

    "Continue reading option comes in every post :( what to do?? How do I use it only on specific posts?? No idea ...

    Keep reading :)

    @ Pratibha

    Happy to see I could help ... hehehe ... anyways ...

    @ Rashi


    Thanks for the STORMS. You are right, when you say it is up to us to learn. When we keep our eyes open, we are sure to learn!

    Ahem, thanks for your wishes :) :) I had a rocking time!!

    @ Charzz

    Storms will pass as easily as they come - do not worry at all... just stay chilled!

    @ Little Girl/Amritorupa

    Thanks for the visit and for the wonderful lines. khub bhalo hoyechhe... kaar kotha? tomar??

    And the trigonometry stands for TanMoy.

    @ Arnav

    Welcome to my blog, mate. Thanks for the read and for the visit. I'm happy you liked it. Sometimes, you know you cannot just let it pass - I mean, not that easily. I know I may sound like an hypocrite here, but its true that at times, you just cannot let it pass. You need to take steps to let it pass. Otherwise, it may stay till eternity.

    Hope I did not give you a wrong message here. Keep visiting :)

    @ Ramesh

    Thanks a lot mate for the visit and those wonderful lines. Happy that you liked my blog here. Keep visiting and reading me more.

    @ Anonymous

    Dedicate? WOW ... hehehe ... go ahead and dedicate it to anyone you want to... Hope your friend also comes here and reads me... Your friend's name 'T'? too interesting ... hehehehe...



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