Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Shadow Dancing

She stood there in the cold
Hiding her shivering hand,
All alone, by herself
Digging down into the sand.

On her mind there is me
Whether she likes it or not,
Deep down inside her heart
And in whatever she has got!

Now tides were touching her feet
Cold, as cold as it would be
In the middle of nowhere,
Nelly was standing, thinking of me
God! That’s where I wanted to be.


  1. Good Tan.
    Thanks for participating.
    I will write a post on Acrostic very soon .. good idea!

  2. I really like this :) Very well written.

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  4. Phew!, A rhyming acrostic!
    Really a fabulous fable.. Loved your style and the thought process.
    Well put!
    Lovely is the word!

  5. Thanks Amias, Bhargav, Ofira, Newbie Mommy, Pratibha and Nave ... Thanks for the visit and reading my writes ... Your words are the source of encouragement for me - so, do take some time out and visit my blog ... Thanks again!

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  6. wow! i am awestruck...it was beautiful :)

  7. WOW.... Daruuuuuuuun.... :)

  8. Very romantic....... wanna be there

  9. I just flitted by you on 20 something bloggers and wanted to say hello.
    I am enjoying your stuff immensely, and hope to get back to read more later today.

    In case you are interested I have redone an old blog at a site I had originally used for something else ( shouldbefamous.net) but I am taking poetry or rhymes ...some people can't write poetry like you,,, on the subject of fame. Check it out and if you want to post a poem send one in along with a picture if you want. I'd be delighted to have a poem there from you.

    Nice to meet you by the way.

  10. God! that is where i wanted to be..
    really very nice poem.. mean u said the most true thing...tht everyone wants tht position in someones life. n u got tht.. u r luckiest..

  11. I love the way men love women...it never ceases to amaze me.
    I have been married 34 years and that expression of love is what makes it all a wonderful life. Love the romace...

  12. @ Kajal/TPO, Lisa and Winnie

    Thanks a lot for visiting and reading this ... This is another attempt to my experiment with words ... I am getting all kinds of new ideas from everywhere and trying to give it a try ... I'm so happy that you all liked it ...

    @ Cooper

    We shall talk about it ... I have sent you a mail ... please respond to that ...

    @ Colors of Life

    I'm lucky - no doubt!

    The author wanted to be there, where he was wanted! (WOW - what did I write here now? lol)

    And along with being lucky, I'm honored that you visited and read me here ... keep visiting :)

    @ TJ

    34 years!! No surprize for we Indians, where people remained married for scores of years and still keep on going, no matter if there is love or not! You are lucky to be in love still ... and so is your spouse ...

    Wish you many more years of togetherness and love and hope you be in love for ever and ever!!

    Thanks for the visit ...


  13. Nice one.
    simple yet profound.
    liked it much.
    take care

  14. Tan, u are getting better as the days go by.. a romantic peom, yeah definitely wud like to be there with love.. different styles of writing, u amaze me.


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