Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Living Without You

Life has been so lonely
I am missing you tonight
It’s been so painful
It’s been so painful
I am missing you tonight
Life has been so lonely


  1. y suddenly such a painful poem...???? y ru feeling so lonely but...???

  2. Good evening Tan, I'm never sure where I'm suppose to leave a comment for you to find it. I was at the other blog called Thus Spake Tan but didn't see any post, only things in the side bars.

    About the photos of the president's, the second photo is suppose to be a joke. There is no statue like that one.

  3. Hey !! Nice post..this is what I call life is about..
    Am delighted to be adding you as a friend..

  4. I can feel the pain here, beautifully written!

  5. Short but beautiful :)

    I like your Bengali ones as well! I can understand the language thoda-thoda ;) I'm an Assamese :)


  6. Thanks Rahul & Sweet Talking Guy for your comments ...

    Lisa, pain is in the air, I think ... *sob sob*

    Patty, thanks for the information ... You can comment on any of my posts in any of my blogs ... (apart from the Group Blogs) ... But, if you just want to send me information and not actually wish to comment on my posts, just send me an email directly .. that would do Ma'am ... Keep visiting ...

    Bhargav, Thanks for liking this ... I do not have Bangla posts here much ... I have a different blog in Bangla named হযবরল ... যেতিয়া সময় পাবা, visit করিবা...

  7. Hi Tan, have you seen the NaisaiKu.. Challenge! Mister Linky Thingy? Perhaps you would like to link 'Living Without You' there, as we really need to get some cool poems up for people to comment on.

    Love the universality of this piece!

  8. Thanks Tan! There will be a new challenge up next Tuesday!!!

  9. Tan,

    What a poignant piece. Very nicely done. The picture you took compliments it too. But your words create their own image. It is a very, lovely poem. Thank you for sharing it.


  10. and another .... :O


  11. but for sure..some one will come. n thn u will be more happier than before.. missing some one is gud.. bt if it will be with smiles.. that will be more beautiful.. isnt it.. :)

  12. Beautiful and poignant. Love your wallpaper too.

  13. @ Wendy

    Thanks for the continuous support and encouragement ... have linked my post already, I think ...

    @ Sepiru Chris

    Thanks Chris, for visiting and reading me ... I'm happy that you liked this poem ... Its a new thing I'm trying and I'm happy to have done so ... keep visiting ...

    @ Stan and Asbah

    Thanks for the visit ... do drop by some times and let me know how you like / dislike my writes ... your comments, as you know will always encourage and let me write more!

    @ Pretty Me!!/Pratibha

    You have taught me this new thing and I'm very happy to have met you in the Lounge ... I tried to put up a few words in this line and I'm too happy to see you visiting, reading and appreciating my writes... I could not thank you much!!

    @ अनकही-अनसुनी

    Someone had to come and she has already dropped in! She's there with me for all my life - my wife.

    Well, the poem was not exactly directed to her. Its just revelation of a person's (poet, you may say) thought ... just tried to frame it the way I have ... I'm happy that you could relate to it :)

    @ Spacedlaw

    Thanks for the complements ... the wallpaper and the design, is not my creation - I took it from a site, and changed a few things here and there to make it more adaptable to my styles ... thanks for the visit and the encouraging words! Keep visiting ...



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