Friday, February 27, 2009

Life Goes On

Inspired from Life Goes On in The Writer's Lounge

Little world
Insufficient friends
Failed relationships
Endless rendezvous

Ghostly appearances
Online chats
Eager weekends
Specious retrospect

Only because
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  1. wOw..

    felt u ve written my feelings..

    thanks tan for writting this..

  2. Wah! I inspired! :D

    Thought it was a little pessimistic but that too is a colour of life right?

  3. Tan! Nice little post there :) Loved it! I agree with illusion. Keep them coming!

  4. i liked the poem ut not your sad tone !!

  5. life goes one.. a beautiful poem as always by u.. a lot of sadness too..

  6. @ Illusion/Inisiya

    I am happy that you could relate to this poem ... thanks for the visit ...

    @ Rashi

    Yes, you inspired me to write this ... I'm happy that I read your poem ... Sorrow is also a color, as you said ... and I like to tint my poems with whatever color I get ... hehehe ...

    @ Bhargav

    Will write more as you read me more ... I cant write for Google ... I write for you ... when you come and read my writes ... Please do visit more and keep reading me ... I'm honoured!

    @ Pratibha

    Sadness is one thing I have loved to write on and more so, when I'm in it ...

    Thanks for the visit ... Cheers!!


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