Tuesday, December 16, 2008

For me, forever!

And there was this fairy, with a magic wand in her hand, who wanted to write her own story. She started writing on a piece of cloud, with a piece of sandal wood and rains as the ink; but every time she would start to write, she would end up crying, for she had no story to tell; for she was alone in this world. She had none with her to share her thoughts and she felt alone. She cried her heart out. She thought of her childhood and her life till now. She had kept herself busy waving her magic wand over the heads of poor and deserted people and making them happier in life – she was left alone – abandoned! She cried again.

Then she saw me. I was having everyone with me – my friends, my siblings, my parents and my stories! I was a truly happy kid, I mean, a boy (by the time we met). She came to me and asked me to tell me my stories, so that she can write them on the clouds. I told her many of my stories – the way I caught that dragon fly the other day beside our pond; the night I was left with all the gifts and sweets, before my 7th birthday; the day when I first went to school and the day I saw our cow and her newborn for the first time. She was happy after hearing all those. She held my hand and took me up, in the clouds. She made me sit on one while she pulled one for herself. Then she took the biggest cloud around and started writing my stories on it with a piece of sandal wood and rains as the ink. She wrote all my stories. She included my first visit to the church and my last days in my village. She wrote everything I told her. She was too good at writing. I loved it. I loved her. I told her. She smiled. She liked me too. I wanted to marry her. She agreed and she took her magic wand and waved over me – nothing happened. She waved it again – still no go. I did not change into a pigeon or a donkey. I did not understand what she was trying to do, for she was a fairy and she could do what I could not even think of. She tried a few times and gave up. She said that we cannot marry as she was a fairy and I was not. I understood that she wanted to make me a fairy too – but this time, her magical wand could do nothing to change me into one. She looked at me. I looked at her. I was going to say something, before I return to my home. She put her soft tiny hands over my lips and stopped me. I could utter no word. She smiled at me and threw her magic wand into the cloud on which she was writing the stories. The wand vanished and so did her fairy dress and wings. Her looks changed. She was just like me. She held my hand again and said in the loveliest voice ever, “I love you. Come.” And we stepped down from the clouds together. We could see the clouds around us – leaving us. We sped down the forest of clouds without hitting a single chunk of them. When we landed there, just outside the sweetest place on earth, she led me in to a house, made of biscuits and breads. I went in to see the most beautiful house in the world. She cooked me a cake and some pasta. I ate with delight. After I ate, she had me sleep on the bed of flowers with petals all over it. She sang me the sweetest of songs I ever heard and I fell asleep.

When I woke up, I could see her nowhere near me. She left! I came out of the house screaming. I looked all around and she was not to be found. I was almost crying when I heard her voice from behind the house near the stream. She had only gone for a pale of water – for me. She saw me sitting on the mud and crying for her. She took me by my face and put it on her chest. She promised she would never leave me – not for anything; not for anyone. She told that she was mine – forever. From that moment in life, I am always happy. She is still there with me. She will always be there – for me, forever!


  1. Hello Tan,
    How beautiful are these thoughts! And how good it would be if the fairies existed!
    I liked of your posts.
    Best wishes from Brazil:

  2. Hi Tan,
    Loved your blog, it's really different and has beautifull mensagers. Unfortunately fairies don't exist, but life goes on.
    Here from Brazil I wish you Merry Christmas


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